Star Trek and Communism

Or: An Article from The Everyman Commentary

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The Borg, Communism, and Voyager

Perhaps no faction in the Star Trek canon has been as little used and yet made such an impact as the Borg, a hive mind or “collective consciousness” composed of trillions of forcibly assimilated sapient species whose personalities and thoughts are cybernetically suppressed. While linked to the Collective, these drones have no capacity to act on their own and are, in many ways, little more than enhanced zombies. Following the directive of their queen, the Borg pursue perfection and efficiency at the expense of individuality, creativity, and culture.

While compared to the Nazis in the two-part episode “The Killing Game” from Star Trek: Voyager, the Borg’s modus operandi is more reminiscent of Communism, as they wish to bring about a flawless society where everyone is equal. In order to do that, they conquered numerous sapient species and forced them into the hive mind through their cybernetic mental link. They have done the same to the flora, fauna, and even the planets which these various races called home. In this way they have become the unquestioned rulers of several million sterilized worlds.

Like the Communists, the Borg use coercion to support their claim that they have achieved absolute "harmony" within their society. This statement is reminiscent of the rallying cry of the French Revolution: "liberty, equality, and fraternity," which Marx and Engels codified in their Manifesto, labeling it "Communism." Enforcing this "philosophy," the hive has no crime, no poverty, and does not recognize the distinction between the male and female sexes. By recharging their mechanical implants in “regeneration" or sleep cycles, the Borg drones’ physiology is sustained, removing the need to eat or drink. No drone is valued above the others; although damaged drones are subject to repair, this is only done if the injury is minor or cost-effective. Drones deemed to be of no use are deactivated and stripped down for spare parts, much as political prisoners in the People’s Republic of China have their organs forcibly harvested.

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